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Michael Fassbender is multitasking. He’s shaking hello with his right hand and scrubbing off photo shoot makeup with his left. Cleansed, he looks exactly the same: vivid blue eyes, electric copper hair, stubble so bright and bristly it seems impossible it didn’t serrate his makeup wipe.

The intensity is expected. Fassbender became famous playing a zealot in Hunger, and since then has shunned the sugar-coated crowd-pleasers Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper splice in between Oscar attempts and bombastic blockbusters to assure audiences they have a sense of humor. Compared to Fassbender, Christian Bale looks playful. When Fassbender joins a splashy franchise, he adds gravitas. His Magneto survived the Holocaust; his Alien android attacks the hubris and frailty of mankind. (Even while gifting Tumblr a Fassbender-on-Fassbender smooch – more on that later.)

His new film, The Snowman, is a half-step off from his serious path. The Oslo-set thriller, directed by Let the Right One In’s Tomas Alfredson, is a slightly goofy serial-killer mystery in which Fassbender plays an alcoholic detective named Harry Hole, the star of 11 gory novels by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. The Snowman boasts identical twins and motorized garrotes and severed heads stuck to snowballs and a surprising amount of Aphex Twin. Yet, at the center of the silliness, Fassbender gives a straightforward performance of a man just trying to do his job.

As Fassbender perches on the couch, he seems very present, but protective, even for this deeply private actor. I’d been planning to congratulate him on his upcoming Ibiza wedding to Alicia Vikander. In person, it seemed safer just to talk about death.

Harry’s a drunk and an iffy father figure and a misanthrope who pushes chairs away in his office cafeteria so he doesn’t have to talk to people. What did you like about him?
A detective is a genre that I wanted to do. Then reading the books, I just really like the character. Jo had such an investment in this character. He’s really human, and I could imagine him as somebody who is living and breathing and existing. I love the fact that he’s not an action hero. When he goes into a scuffle, he usually comes out the worse for wear. And the drinking thing is just him self-medicating. I think he hates his job. He’s brilliant at it, and he can’t step away from it. There’s an obsessiveness that is part of his personality and part of his relationship to the job. So there’s a lot going on there, and then some of the stuff is in contradiction, which is interesting to play with.

Do you think you’d make a good detective?
No. click to read more »

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Michael Fassbender likes to take big swings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial risk like “Assassin’s Creed,” the $125-million video game adaptation he produced and starred in or a creative gamble like “Trespass Against Us,” an indie drama (opening in theaters on Friday) about a family of criminals that’s thick with British accents and slang. “The main thing for me is giving everything I can to a project and learning as much as I can from it,” Mr. Fassbender said in a telephone interview from South Africa. “That’s always been my philosophy.”

Mr. Fassbender talked about balancing studio tent poles like the coming sci-fi sequel “Alien: Covenant” with low-budget fare, as well as the recent commercial disappointments of “Assassin’s Creed” and “The Light Between Oceans,” a literary adaptation that sank at the Labor Day box office and grossed only $12.5 million in the United States. These are edited excerpts from that conversation.

I’ve watched “Trespass Against Us” twice.

Is that because you couldn’t understand the dialogue? [Laughs]

It’s true, I could’ve used subtitles a few times. What made you want to do this movie?

When I read the script, there was something very fresh about it. There was an energy to the writing. I loved the story of this traveling family and the way they live parallel to the settled community, but there’s very little harmony between the two communities. And you’ve got this family story at the core — a father-son relationship from Brendan Gleeson to my character and from my character to Georgie Smith, who plays my son. It’s about how my character wants something different for his son, and the struggle of breaking away from the old tradition to move with the times. click to read more »

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Michael Fassbender would like you to know: He is only too aware that movie adaptations of video games, as a genre, have a piss-poor box-office track record. In point of fact, he could not shut out that awareness even if he tried. “I’m aware of that because every single article that’s ever written about us asks, ‘Will Assassin’s Creed be the first successful video game-to-movie?'” Fassbender told me from the film’s set in southern Spain last December.

That is to say, the Oscar-nominated 12 Years a Slave actor has been duly informed of the financial under-performance of such craptacular game-to-cinema fiascos as 1997’s Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Hitman: Agent 47 (2015), Super Mario Bros., Wing Commander (1999), and 2008’;s Max Payne. But here he is, pulling double duty as star and co-producer of the big screen blow-up of the blockbuster video game franchise Assassin’s Creed. And in terms of conception and execution, he insists the new film—which reunites Fassbender with acclaimed Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel, who directed him in the Cannes Film Festival-anointed 2015 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth—will forefront storytelling and character and shed much of the gaminess that has plagued so many other movie translations to date.

“We took elements from the video game that are the spine and DNA of what we’re doing,” Fassbender said. “But we really are breaking away from a video-game mold. That’s been a problem with some of the efforts before.”

Arriving in a season crowded with splashy Christmas releases—the Chris Pratt/J. Law vehicle Passengers, animated animal romp Sing, Martin Scorsese’s messiah-complex period piece Silence, and Star Wars standalone Rogue One among them—Assassin’s Creed finds Fassbender portraying Callum Lynch. Lynch is a misunderstood drifter-loner who’s about to receive a death-row lethal injection when he is rescued by a shadowy extra-governmental organization with seemingly unlimited technological resources and an even more shadowy agenda. click to read more »


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So, the Oscars happened several weeks ago and a lot of great movies, shorts, documentaries and animations, as well as a great amount of talented actors and actresses, competed for the golden statuette. It took me some time to hunt for some videos and photos from the event due to the fact that i wanted to provide my Fassy fansite with HQ material, and here it is! Let’s talk about the Oscars 2016!

The Irish film industry scooped just one winner….. at the 88th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood despite a record number of nominations this year. Despite high hopes for Saoirse Ronan as Best Actress (Brooklyn) and Michael Fassbender in the Best Actor (Steve Jobs) category it was to be Irish short film Stutterer which won an Oscar for best live action short film. Let’s hope next year Michael gets the recognition he deserves!

This year, Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor nomination for his brilliant performance in the movie – The Revenant and i would like to send him congratulations from the hearts of all Fascinators around the world!

Below, you can check some awesome HQ photos of Michael from the event:

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Michael was stunning, he walked the red carpet alone wearing a clean tux by Tom Ford, as girlfriend Alicia Vikander brought her parents.

PS: Check out this lovely video from the Oscars where, Loyal as ever, Saoirse Ronan chooses Michael Fassbender in ‘Would You Rather’ at Oscars:

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This week the cast of the Steve Job film, Kate Winslet and Michael Fassbender, together with the lovely and adorable Julie Walters and Curtis James Jackson III (who is also known as 50 Cents in the music industry), had an awesome interview at “The Graham Norton Show”, and you can see some parts of the interview below, as well as check out the photos i took in HD from the videos! Hope you enjoy the new updates and don’t forget to check out the newly released film “Steve Jobs” in the cinemas of your city!

Click here to view the new videos:

Click the photos to check out the new gallery updates:

thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_451 thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_216 thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_031 thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_438

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Here is an exclusive interview about the new Michael Fassbender movie called Frank, where he talks about the filming of the movie and the ways he had to adapt to the mask. Enjoy the interview, and check out the previous post for more photos & videos from the movie!

Here’s the interview:


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“Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are much more than costars : they’re kindred spirits who run and race – and sometimes rage – together. Their latest onscreen reunion comes in this month’s X-men: Days of Future Past. Offscreen, they met in a North London pub for a drink-up and a few rounds of straight talk on superheroes, Shakespeare, snogging Angelina, and the meaning of their true bromance” – as the intro for the interview states.

It’s a fantastic interview of both James and Michael, which just proves once again the great chemistry of these two fantastic actors both on- and off-screen. Together with the exlusive interview comes a fantastic covers, actually double cove, which I’ve scanned and uploaded on my fansite for you guys, enjoy 😉

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