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With Christian Bale definitively out of the running to play Steve Jobs for Danny Boyle’s next, untitled film (this week, at least), the role is wide open. And it appears that Boyle already has another choice, with Michael Fassbender in early talks to fill the vacant position.

It’s worth remembering that things are at a very early stage and Fassbender may not even get as far as making a deal for the role, but he’s certainly able to do it even if he doesn’t naturally seem to be a facial fit for the Apple icon. And let’s not forget what his superpowers could do to computers if he gets angry – iPods will be flying everywhere…

Aaron Sorkin wrote the script for the film, working from Walter Isaacson’s bestselling authorised biography of the man. The story focuses on three big moments in Jobs’ corporate life: the launch of the Mac; NeXT (which was introduced after he was removed from the company); and the iPod, launched after his triumphant return.

Seth Rogen has been in discussions to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but there’s no sign of how Bale’s exit might shift the dynamics in future while Jessica Chastain last week denied all knowledge of rumours that she was also set for a role. Boyle wants to lock the cast down as soon as possible so as to kick off shooting early next year.[source]

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