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This week the cast of the Steve Job film, Kate Winslet and Michael Fassbender, together with the lovely and adorable Julie Walters and Curtis James Jackson III (who is also known as 50 Cents in the music industry), had an awesome interview at “The Graham Norton Show”, and you can see some parts of the interview below, as well as check out the photos i took in HD from the videos! Hope you enjoy the new updates and don’t forget to check out the newly released film “Steve Jobs” in the cinemas of your city!

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thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_451 thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_216 thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_031 thumb_Julie_Walters2C_Kate_Winslet_and_Michael_Fassbender_discuss_awards_-_The_Graham_Norton_Show_-_BBC_438

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Interviews > The Graham Norton Show interview (November 2015)

One response to “Exclusive interview at “The Graham Norton Show” (photos & videos)”

  1. Maria says:

    Dear Michael
    I know you won’t be reading this, but I will write anyway, IT may just get to you … I am Maria, Hungarian residing in Australia.. Right now watching u on the Graham Norton show, something about arousing horses on Jane Eyre, funny show one of my most favourite shows!!! Haven’t written to Graham yet, i don’t write u r the first
    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your acting… Something about you is so captivating. I know you only came to fame in the last few years and I like a few actors and actresses in Hollywood but you are a magnet in my eyes don’t compare to the rest for me. I would like to see you in more movies.
    Something about you I can’t explain since I have seen Prometheus , always a fan .. I know u r German Irish background

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