Fansite dedicated to the most amazing German-Irish actor - Michael Fassbender! Your ultimate source for all the latest news, photos, videos and much more!
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Welcome everyone to my Michael Fassbender fansite (, hosted by the one and only ! This is a fansite, made by a fan for fans. It all started with a myspace fanpage in 2008, then i moved to Tumblr and created my 1st blog there in 2010 (which i then closed for some months due to my exams and reopened in 2011).
I have worked hard on making out of MFF an actual website, and today, January 26th, i present it to you! This site features a variety of different info and media related to Michael, such as news, bio, filmography, photos, videos, interviews, fan art and much more! It is of course extremely hard to always update a fansite, so the help of the most amazing fans is very much appreciated! Do not hesitate to send me messages in a comment on my website post or on tumblr, tweet on Twitter, or in a message on my email! Also if you think there there are some mistakes, wrong info – please tell me about it! If there is something that is particular yours (copyrighted, edited by you etc), then before taking any legal actions, please contact me and i will take it off (delete) by your request. If there is something you have edited, or you claim the copyright, but you wish it to stay on my fansite, with leaving your credit on the media, then as well contact me and i will put credit you in the info box, or on the media. If you experience some king of problems on my fansite, please contact me.
I really hope you will like my fansite and support it (share the link with friends, spread the word about it, leave credit to the source where you found my photos etc.)!

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